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Helderberg Nature Reserve

The Helderberg Nature Reserve where bontebok, birds, tortoise and fynbos abound is also a favourite for picnics, walks and hikes. Enjoy the white sandy beaches of Strand and Gordons Bay or take a scenic drive on the spectacular coastal drives and do some seasonal whale watching.

The Helderberg Nature Reserve is located in Somerset West. It is owned and managed by the City of Cape Town with the support of the Friends of the Helderberg Nature Reserve. The Reserve reaches up as far as the cliff faces and the peaks above the Reserve. There are several trails in the Reserve, of which only the Brown Route is non-circular. Many regular walkers buy an Early Riser key which allows them access to the Reserve on foot before opening hours. This is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy a quiet walk. Early Riser keys are available from the Information Centre. Applicants need to be a valid member of the Friends of the Helderberg Nature Reserve. Membership cards are also obtainable at the Information Centre.